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"Today, more than ever, people long to hear the voice of hope, and that is precisely what Ms. Leviton provides her clients"   -- Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, PhD


Linda Powers Leviton, MA., MFT. 

An Introduction

Audiences know her through her articles, cartoons, and high-energy presentations. Her sensitive, humorous, intuitive, and down-to-earth style informs and inspires. Her life-affirming message deeply moves individuals and corporate clients by providing the encouragement and tools necessary to fine-tune solutions to today’s most challenging issues.

Ms. Leviton’s inclusive vision underscores everything she does: directing the West Coast Office of the highly-regarded Gifted Development Center; Staff therapist at North Hills Prep Non-Public High School; consulting with schools, parents, and families; as well as presenting workshops to model Visual-Spatial teaching and learning techniques; Her private practice includes a mix of adolescents, children (many with dual diagnoses) and adults who have lost direction, or hope.     

Inspired by the loving and respectful style of Virginia Satir’s approach to therapy, Ms. Leviton believes that every human being is a constellation of emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, creative and spiritual dimensions, operating within the context of past experience and learned coping mechanisms.

By celebrating individual potential, and revealing the ways clients stop themselves from using their gifts to achieve their dreams, Ms. Leviton guides the whole person through the process of understanding the past, and creating a new future.  Providing support, feedback and encouragement, she helps clients understand the new skills and awareness necessary to make choices that will bring about the transformations clients desire. 


Ms. Leviton credits a lifetime of "growth opportunities" with providing the experience, compassion, and skill necessary to deeply and positively impact those around her.  Raised in Sepulveda, Ca. with two handicapped siblings, she spent most of her early years studying AD/HD and Developmental Challenges much the way Jean Piaget developed his seminal theories of Child Development.

A chance introduction to Dr. Linda Kreger Silverman  (International expert on Giftedness and Advanced Development) in 1964, led to a life-long Mentorship/Friendship/Professional Collaboration including co-authoring articles such as "In Search of the Perfect Program." 

In the Summer of 2003, after the publication of Dr. Silverman's most recent book, Upside-Down Brilliance, the Visual-Spatial Learner,  Ms. Leviton agreed to direct the West Coast Office of the Gifted Development Center (  Joining Dr. Silverman's core group of learning style experts, Ms. Leviton offers training programs and workshops to help teachers, parents and administrators identify and teach visual-spatial and gifted learners (  

Since 1974, Ms. Leviton has developed and taught programs to help parents and educators best reach children with learning and emotional challenges. Interim avocations included staff cartoonist for the Gifted Development Newsletter, facilitating Assertiveness Training Programs for abused women, Organizational Consulting with business executives, various artistic endeavors, being married for 25 years, and raising her own three gifted children.

A licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Ms. Leviton is currently available for private individual therapy and consultation at her Granada Hills or Encino Offices. 

Educational Degrees

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & Art, with Honors, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA. 1974
Master of Arts - Marriage & Family Therapy, Phillips Graduate Institute, Encino, CA, 1993
Marriage and Family Therapy License,  MFC #35504