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My name is Linda Powers-Leviton and I specialize in counseling for the gifted. This site is designed to introduce me to you and to some of the services I offer as part of my psychotherapy private practice and the West Coast Office of the Gifted Development Center.
I currently provide a full service counseling, psychotherapy and coaching program for individuals, couples and families.  Additionally, my expertise with the gifted population (particularly the twice exceptional--those who also have learning or emotional challenges) has prepared me to offer a uniquely specialized program to address the particular needs of this community. 
As you read these pages, you will find a combination of information and useful suggestions for creating the life you want, and living it with joy and meaning. My work applies the theories of such stellar therapeutic minds as Harville Hendrix, Albert Ellis, Chloe Mandanes, Martin Buber, Annemarie Roeper, Carl Jung, Michael White, Milton Erickson, John Bandler, Gregory Bateson, Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir. Each client or client family is unique; each treatment plan is customized to help you to meet your goals, whatever they might be. 
This site can be navigated using the navigation bars included on each page.   If you have any questions, just use the contact page to email us.   We will get back to you promptly.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site,

Linda Powers-Leviton

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